Our Micha Lash Extensions are synthetic mink lashes, that are individually applied onto your natural lash. Our lash technician chooses different lengths, widths and curls necessary in order to adhere properly to the natural lash and to provide the desired look. Extensions are versatile and can be arranged to achieve many different looks.

How it Works

Fills are every 2-4 weeks, but longer wait times may mean longer fills and more lashes will need to be replaced. This service takes anywhere from 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

The fine print

Your eyelashes have a natural growth cycle. They fall off anywhere from 60-90 days and new ones grow in to replace them. When lashes are applied correctly, they will not cause breakage to your own lashes or cause them to fall out before your natural lash is due to.

Allergic reactions to lash adhesives are rare, but if you have sensitive eyes, we recommend a patch test. A consultation will be done prior to your appointment to familiarize you with the procedure and discuss the look you want.

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