Our Team

Meranda 2.png

Meranda kokoski

Meranda has been with Studio Skin Restoration since it opened in 2011, and officially took ownership in 2017. She has been in the beauty industry as an Advanced Aesthetician, Nail Technician and Make up Artist for 16 years, advancing to Medical Aesthetics 8 years ago. Owning her own business has been a life-long dream of hers. Making Studio Skin one of the most unique, professional and knowledgable Medical Aesthetics Studio around is a goal she strives for.


KAty Veresh

Katy joined our team at Studio Skin 3 years ago as our Administrative Assistant getting a feel for the beauty industry, as this is where she wanted to build her career. Taking some time off to follow her dream, she enrolled at the Style Academy receiving her certificates as an Advanced Aesthetician, Nail Technician and Lash Technician.

Starting back here, she began her role as a Skin Specialist and Advanced Aesthetician. Adding to her title, Katy recently earned the position as Manager.

Jodie Weir Skin Diva 2.png

Jodie Weir

Having SkinDiva join our team here at Studio Skin has been an amazing adventure. Her expertise and professionalism has been outstanding. Watching Jodie build her business and become one of the top injectors in Regina has been an honour to have her on board.


Christina Marceca

7 years ago Christina joined our team at Studio Skin as an Administrative Assistant, meanwhile obtaining her certificate as a Laser Technician. She left her position of 17 years as a Broker and was excited to pursue a career in the Medical Aesthetics industry.

Christina is currently focusing on expanding her education to advance her services here at the Studio.