regina’s #1 topical Vitamin C Serums

Did you know that Vivier's Vitamin C serums are the highest grade of 
L-Ascorbic Acid USP that corrects many types of skin conditions and are formulated for various skin types. After 24 hours, 4X more Vitamin C was found to be still retained in the skin than the competition. It’s patented serums deliver L-Ascorbic Acid USP deep into the epidermis and dermis for more in depth improvement.

At Studio Skin in Regina we carry an array of Vivier’s medical grade Vitamin C Serums. From the CE Peptides, to the Serums 5 - 20. Kine C Serum to the Vitamin C Serums for hyperpigmentation, which are the Radiance Serum, the Advanced Skin Lightening Serum and the Seequin IDS.

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