laser hair removal

Gone are the days of singed-skin after a painful laser treatment, painful waxing and sugaring, and the frustrating process of shaving.

Painless Laser Hair Removal can be a permanent solution for unwanted hair and pesky ingrown hair. After a series of treatments - you can achieve maintenance-free hairless skin.

How it Works

Our state of the art SOPRANO XL machine treats unwanted hair with quick, safe and pain free in-motion bursts of energy, involving no downtime. The pigment (melanin) within the hair, absorbs the laser and converts it into heat. The hair then transmits this heat down into the hair follicle, destroying it without damaging the epidermis.

Get ready to bare legs.


Who It's For:

If you have dark pigment in your hair - you're a candidate for laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal is a fabulous way to get rid of unwanted body-hair and another benefit is that it helps smooth the skin. It's a treatment that works wonderfully on all areas of the body along with treating the problem of uncomfortable, painful ingrown hairs.

Men are also enjoying Painless Laser Hair Removal. Helping their issue with stubborn, coarse facial hair, like the lower neck, means less maintenance and less pain when not having to shave that area anymore.

  where there is hair, we can treat it. 

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